Starting Monday, March 16 all Housing Authority offices will be closed to the public until further notice. This is in response to the Governor's emergency declaration for government agencies to take proactive measures to decrease the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. We will keep you advised of when the offices will reopen via this website. If you need to contact the Housing Authority during the time we are closed to the public, please call (425) 258-9222. Your call will be returned as soon as possible.

EHA partners on equitable approach to vaccinate elderly residents for COVID-19

EHA partners on equitable approach to vaccinate elderly residents for COVID-19

COVID vaccinations are being offered to elderly residents with low incomes at Everett Housing Authority (EHA) properties in Everett and Snohomish County through on-site mobile clinics. The Snohomish County Vaccine Taskforce, local fire departments, and EHA are partnering to offer on-site mobile clinics in EHA senior apartment buildings. Fire Department Emergency Medical Services workers are administering the vaccinations in the community rooms of the apartment buildings. This effort was highlighted in the Lynnwood Times.

Nearly 650 EHA residents have been fully vaccinated through on-site mobile clinics. Fire Department EMS workers have also administered the vaccine in the apartment units of some residents who do not have sufficient mobility to come down to the community room for their shots.

This is an incredible effort in terms of equity and access to the vaccines. Many of the residents do not have internet access or private transportation. Some residents have limited mobility or English language fluency, making it difficult to compete for scheduling appointments with other elders who have ready access to the internet and private transportation. The mobile clinics are literally a lifesaver for these elderly members of the community.

One resident, 76-year old Mertle, living in an EHA senior building in the Delta neighborhood said of the clinic in her building, β€œ[It] was kind of like a miracle to come in and scoop us all up and take care of us!”

This week mobile clinics reached the remaining seven EHA buildings for seniors in the Silver Lake area, Lynnwood, and Lake Stevens. The Snohomish County Vaccine Taskforce administered the newly available Johnson & Johnson one-dose vaccine at these clinics.

EHA Executive Director Ashley Lommers-Johnson says of the mobile clinics, β€œThe clinics represent the best in inter-governmental collaboration to bring a vital medical resource to high-risk senior populations who otherwise may not benefit for some time to come.”