Service Coordination

Service Coordination

Service Coordination for Seniors and Adults with Disabilities

Service Coordinators provide information, support, assistance and referrals to seniors and adults with disabilities. We seek to enhance our residents quality of life and encourage continued independent living. We are here to assist you with stable housing supportive services.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Support for you to live successfully in your own home.
  • Someone that treats you with kindness and respect.
  • We will conduct an assessment which will evaluate your needs for the following:
    • House-hold items, financial literacy, healthcare access and enrollment, current health status (including mental health and addiction), education, employment, goal setting and more.
  • We will connect you with resources available in our community such as Aging and Disability Resource Network, Senior Peer Counseling, local food programs, and more.
  • Classes and programs addressing nutrition, life skills, health, fitness, continuing education, and financial literacy. 
  • Coordination with various public agencies to assist you with living independently.

Service Coordinators at Broadway Plaza

Janna Emelander, 425-339-1025 & Betsy Davis, 425-339-1026

Service Coordinators at Bakerview 

Charles Kaikai, 425-303-1161 & Yuri Malakhov, 425-303-1157

Service Coordination for Families

Service Coordinators provide resources for families to set and achieve goals leading to self-sufficiency, economic independence, employment, income progression, education and more. We are here to respect and support your living in stable housing while you work towards your future goals.

Examples of services:

  • Support you in setting and reaching goals.
  • Assist with identifying needs, such as finances, medical, education, employment, household items and more.
  • Offer classes and programs such as nutrition education, parenting support, life skill education, health awareness, life planning and more.
  • After school homework/study assistance and youth life skills at Grandview and Pineview locations, open to all EHA housing residents.
  • Coordinate with other public agencies and community partners to match you with resources and programs that meet your needs.

Family Services Supervisor and Service Coordinator at Wiggums Park Place

Donelle Kienholz, 425-303-1159

Service Coordinator at Grandview, Pineview, and Douglas Grove

Michelle Hartwig, 425-303-1164

Service Coordinator at Baker Heights

Michelle Hartwig, 425-303-1164