Inclement Weather Alert

Inclement Weather Alert


Please check this page for updates on office closures. Whenever the Everett School District starts late or is closed, our Stay Safe Policy will be in effect. We will rely on their judgement to inform us whether the conditions warrant our policy being triggered. 

EHA recognizes that there may be workdays when the weather is inclement because of snow, ice or unusual flooding, and that travel to work by employees may be impaired or delayed.  The purpose of this policy is to identify options for employees in the event of such weather.  This policy does not apply to Maintenance Employees who are subject to the terms of the Labor Agreement.

LAST UPDATED: Thursday, February 14th, 2019 5:00am

Business as usual. The office will be open with normally scheduled hours. Please contact your direct supervisor if you have any questions.



1.Administrative Staff

Employees are expected to keep accurate records of their missed work time during inclement weather.

(a)General office hours will remain the same during adverse weather conditions.

(b)No employee is expected to come to work or stay at work if he/she feels his/her safety is at risk due to inclement weather conditions.

(c)An employee who will not be coming to work, or will be more than 30 minutes late is expected to call or leave a voice-mail message for his/her supervisor no later than 9:00 a.m.  The employee needs to notify his/her supervisor each day.

(d)Time missed due to inclement weather may be charged to either vacation time or unpaid leave.

(e)With approval of the supervisor, some or all of the missed time may be made up during the following ten (10) working days.  Small amounts of time (less than two hours) can be made up immediately by working late, starting early, or shortening the lunch hour, with supervisory approval.

(f)Time missed over two hours requires specific additional hours after work or on a weekend.  In this case, a shortened lunch hour or coming in to work a half-hour early for two weeks is not acceptable.  The employee must work out the details of making up the missed time with his/her supervisor.

Posted by Jaysen Garcia

Approved by Ashley Lommers-Johnson and Paula Kennedy