Starting Monday, March 16 all Housing Authority offices will be closed to the public until further notice. This is in response to the Governor's emergency declaration for government agencies to take proactive measures to decrease the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. We will keep you advised of when the offices will reopen via this website. If you need to contact the Housing Authority during the time we are closed to the public, please call (425) 258-9222. Your call will be returned as soon as possible.

RAD Conversion

RAD Conversion

Everett Housing Authority (EHA) operates nine (9) apartment buildings in the cities of Everett, Lynnwood, Lake Stevens, and Monroe that are funded by Project Rental Assistance Contracts (PRACs) through the Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly program of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Residents of these apartment buildings pay rent based on their income and the PRACs provide the remaining funding for operating costs for the apartment buildings.

These PRACs are set to renew in 2022 and 2023 and EHA is planning to submit applications to HUD to convert each property to a Project-Based Voucher (PBV) contract through the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program. These new PBV contracts will ensure that the residents of these properties continue to pay rent based on their income.  These new PBV contracts will also allow EHA to continue to maintain each property and address the physical needs of the properties over time.

If HUD approves our conversion plans for each property, the residents will receive rental assistance through EHA to continue to pay rent based on their income. The residents will also have a right to remain at the property, will not have to be approved again to live at the property, and their rent will most likely not increase. If HUD does not approve the PBV contracts for the properties, the properties will continue to be funded by the Section 202 Program.


Resident Notices

As resident meetings are scheduled, EHA is posting notices at each property to provide the details for the resident meetings. The following list of resident meeting notices will be updated as resident notices are posted at each property.

  • Evergreen Court Resident Notice – English, Korean, Spanish
  • Village East Resident Notice – English, Korean, Spanish
  • Meadow Park Resident Notice – forthcoming
  • Scriber Pointe Resident Notice – forthcoming
  • Lake Woods Resident Notice – forthcoming
  • Evergreen Village Resident Notice – forthcoming
  • Hawkins House Resident Notice – forthcoming
  • Silver View Resident Notice – forthcoming
  • Lynn Crest Resident Notice – forthcoming


Resident Meetings

EHA is holding resident meetings to explain our plan, how residents could be affected, and answer questions. We are also asking residents to provide comments on our plan.  The following is a list of meetings that are scheduled. We will update this list as more meetings are scheduled.

  • Evergreen Court and Village East Resident Meetings:
  • In English – May 14th from 10am to 11am (Connect via Zoom or by calling in to 1-253-215-8782 with meeting code 684 054 7626 and passcode 961786)

          영어 미팅 - 5월14일 금요일, 오전 10:00 에서 11:00까지 (줌미팅, 전화번호 1-253-215-8782 미팅 아이디 684 054 7626 비밀번호 961786)

  • In Korean – May 14th from 1pm to 2:30pm (Connect via Zoom or by calling in to 1-253-215-8782 with meeting code 684 054 7626 and passcode 961786)

           한국어 미팅 - 5월14일 금요일, 오후 1:00에서 2:30까지 (줌미팅, 전화번호 1-253-215-8782 미팅 아이디 684 054 7626 비밀번호 961786)

  • Meadow Park Resident Meeting – forthcoming
  • Scriber Pointe Resident Meeting – forthcoming
  • Lake Woods Resident Meeting – forthcoming
  • Evergreen Village Resident Meeting – forthcoming
  • Hawkins House Resident Meeting – forthcoming
  • Silver View Resident Meeting – forthcoming
  • Lynn Crest Resident Meeting – forthcoming


Resident Comments

After each resident meeting for each property, there will be a 30-day comment period for residents to provide comments to EHA on our plan. Residents may provide comments at the resident meeting, send comments by email to, or leave comments on our voicemail at 425-303-1168 until the end of the comment period for each property. When you provide a comment, please indicate which property it is for. The following list of comment period deadlines will be updated as comment periods for each property are established.

  • Evergreen Court – comment period ends June 13, 2021 at 5pm
  • Village East – comment period ends June 13, 2021 at 5pm
  • Meadow Park – comment period forthcoming
  • Scriber Pointe – comment period forthcoming
  • Lake Woods – comment period forthcoming
  • Evergreen Village – comment period forthcoming
  • Hawkins House – comment period forthcoming
  • Silver View – comment period forthcoming
  • Lynn Crest – comment period forthcoming

We will consider all resident comments when we complete our plan for each property. We will provide responses to any questions that are sent to the email or voicemail.