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Project 2019-11 Keyless Entry System  

Project 2018-03 Professional Services for the PRAC/PBRA reports: Awarded to Centennial Mortgage, Inc

Project 2018-02 Professional Services fo the PCNA Reports: Awarded to EMG, Inc

Project 2018-11 Administration office flooring removal and replacement

Project 2017-17 Wiggums Park Place 

Project 2017-11 Work Order Answering Services

Project 2017-03 Grandview Unit Conversion  (postponed)

Project 2017-05 Interior and Exterior Painting of Occupied Office Building

Project 2017-04 Scattered Sites Roof Replacements, Gutters-Fascia

Project 2016-39 12 Pines Water Service Replacement

Project 2016-28 Pacific Square Rot Repair

Project 2016-19 Scattered Site Renovations: 13718 9th Avenue West

Project 2016-09 Meadows I & II Water Damage Repairs

Project 2016-06 Timber Hill Unit B-2 Fire Damage Repairs

Project 2016-03 Baker Heights Unit 1233 Fir Street Vandalism Repairs