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Welcome to the Everett Housing Authority homepage

The Housing Authority has been committed to serving the citizens of Everett, Washington and their housing needs since 1942.

As a consistent and reliable source of assistance for affordable housing, this agency has focused its efforts on creating housing options at a variety of income levels so every person in the Greater Everett area may find a place to call home.


  •    Your compassion, consideration, and kindness have been a blessing to my little family. My sons and I enjoy a warm and safe home. The Everett Housing Authority has literally saved our lives.  
  •    I enjoy living here at Broadway Plaza, all the people are one big family.   
  •    Broadway Plaza has everything you would want in looking for a place to live. The most important of all is the friends you’ll meet and that knowing you never have to be alone.   
  •    Thank you for working so hard to provide housing for families! You are a blessing!  
  •    The Everett Housing Authority provided me with many resources that helped to achieve personal goals such as completing college, paying off debt, and gaining full-time employment. My husband and I are now both employed in great positions that we love. Our next big goal is home ownership.  
  •    This program has been supportive of me returning to school to finish my degree. I am deeply grateful to the Everett Housing Authority in helping to provide a safe and decent place to live for my son.  
  •    After becoming unemployed, my family was accepted into a housing assistance program. I was continually supported and encouraged to complete my education. I finished my degree and have been employed for five years now. Both of my children have now completed their degrees. We would not have been able to do this without the Everett Housing Authority!  
  •    With assistance from Everett Housing, we have overcome many obstacles, learned how to budget, and now live in a great neighborhood!   
  •    Thanks to EHA I finished my Bachelors degree and am in the process of buying our own home.  
  •    Housing help has enabled my husband and I to become productive citizens of our community and send our children to college.  
  •    This program supported me through difficult times, helped me to locate other community services, and put me back on track. My children now see the benefits of hard work, determination, and fortitude.  
  •    Without your help and support my daughters and I would not be in the place we are now. I have earned my degree and I regard us as a success story. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!  
  •    The encouragement from everyone at the housing authority has helped me to move on. Mostly the belief that I can do it has helped me become self sufficient.  
  •    I have gained back my self respect and I now know I can do anything!  
  •    I wish more funding could go into programs like yours because there are so many needy families out there. I want to thank you for all you’ve done for me.  
  •    Thank you very much and we will never forget you. EHA helped me and my family to achieve our goals and everything we have today.  
  •    I enjoyed being a part of EHA. I can honestly say I have come to learn a lot about being self sufficient.  
  •    Case workers were friendly and understanding. Never degrading. They always had information and resources I didn’t know about.  
  •    My case manager helped to make me believe in myself, to get back on track, and to move forward. She’s a great person.  
  •    Without rental assistance my family and I would have been homeless. EHA has allowed my family to retain safe, comfortable housing, and in doing so gave me the opportunity to provide for my children.  
  •    I could have never made it without your help!  
  •    Thanks to EHA I will soon be gardening happily and loving my home. My son wants a puppy and I really do too!  
  •    Your program is awesome and I am a very grateful recipient. I have reached the above income level, allowing me to discontinue the Section 8 housing program.  
  •    I was a full time employed working poor person and a single mom. My four years on Section 8 allowed me to support my family while earning raises at work. Now I have become the proud owner of a fixer-upper in a nice neighborhood.  
  •    Thanks to the housing authority I was able to earn my BA in Psychology at the University of Washington. Now I am starting a great career and becoming involved with my children and their activities.  
  •    Public Housing and Section 8 participants have a voice in the agency’s 5 Year and Annual Plan process via the RAB. We relay tenants’ concerns and suggestions, in the form of an advisory comment letter to management, before a Plan is adopted. “   -Sylvia May, Chair, EHA Resident Advisory Board
  •    I have lived here for over a year and I don’t want to live anyplace else. The staff at the restaurant is helpful, they work hard to get our meals to us and I do enjoy the menus. There is one sentence I will say about being at Broadway Plaza, ‘I know I am finally home.’ And I have no intentions of moving ever again. This is where I want to be and each day I’m thankful that I’m here.  
  •    My life at Broadway Plaza has been like a miracle every day. That’s because that’s what it is to me, ‘a miracle.’ But in my heart I know, I’m finally where I want to be. It’s wonderful here [Broadway Plaza] to me. I look forward to my meal choices – fun things to do, if I want. Church, Bible studies, ‘Good things for mind, body and most of all the spirit.’ I want to continue my life out until its time for me to leave this earth. Thank each one of you for your gracious smiles and extension of friendship.  
  •    The dining program is remarkable. I have made great friends.  
  •    I have lived at Broadway Plaza for almost a year and I find it a good place to live. I would recommend Broadway Plaza for anyone looking for a secure place to live with everything available in the building. Everyone is so friendly.