Current Bidding Opportunities

Current Bidding Opportunities

This page shows all of the current projects that we are accepting submittals for with the date and time it closes. Submittals must be delivered to Everett Housing Authority located at 3107 Colby Avenue, Everett, Washington 98201, date and time stamped before the listed deadline.The Housing Authority will not accept any submittals after the stated deadline.

2017-04 Scattered Sites Roof Replacement, Gutters and Fascia

Bid Summary

The Board of Commissioners have approved the bid from Bates Roofing for $216,546.


2017-05 Interior-Exterior Painting of Occupied Office Building (Colby) 

Bid Summary

Contract has been awarded to DePaolo's Painting, for $45,152.00


2017-08 Request for Qualifications for Architectural and Engineering Services Statement of Qualifications are due March 3, 2017 at 4:30 PM

Firms submitted SOQ's for Review


2017-09 Request for Proposal for Landscaping Maintenance North Properties


While this spreadsheet reflects the apparent results of the bid, however, award is subject to the satisfactory analysis, reference checks/completion of the contractor checklist and correction of any minor informalities of bids as well as board approval. The next scheduled board meeting is March 27, 2017.



Click on the vehicle of interest to open up the Bid form

1992 GMC Dump Truck Bid Form                                                   1993 Chevy Van Bid Form

Sealed bids for the following surplus vehicle, a 1993 Chevy Van, two door pick up with black sides, mileage 566,068 and 1992 GMC Dump Truck, mileage 119542. Full price must be paid by cash, certified bank-check, no personal checks will be accepted, and payment is due no later than March 28, 2017. If payment is not made, you will forfeit your bid and vehicle will be awarded to next highest bidder.  Vehicle must be picked up by winning bidder within 7 days of payment.  Everett Housing Authority reserves the right to reject any and all bids when it is in the best interest of the Authority.  VEHICLE IS SOLD AS-IS (minimum bid requirement $600 each) Vehicle can be viewed in the parking lot of the Baker Community Center 1401 Poplar Street, Everett, WA  98201. Refer any questions to Samantha Leivo-Purchasing Assistant at .  Bids are to be submitted to Everett Housing Authority’s Colby Office 3107 Colby, Everett, WA  98201 by March 28, 2017 at 2:30 PM. A bid form can be downloaded at the following website: under Bidding Opportunities.