Starting Monday, March 16 all Housing Authority offices will be closed to the public until further notice. This is in response to the Governor's emergency declaration for government agencies to take proactive measures to decrease the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. We will keep you advised of when the offices will reopen via this website. If you need to contact the Housing Authority during the time we are closed to the public, please call (425) 258-9222. Your call will be returned as soon as possible.



Project 2019-11 Keyless Entry System  

Project 2018-03 Professional Services for the PRAC/PBRA reports: Awarded to Centennial Mortgage, Inc

Project 2018-02 Professional Services fo the PCNA Reports: Awarded to EMG, Inc

Project 2018-11 Administration office flooring removal and replacement

Project 2017-17 Wiggums Park Place 

Project 2017-11 Work Order Answering Services

Project 2017-03 Grandview Unit Conversion  (postponed)

Project 2017-05 Interior and Exterior Painting of Occupied Office Building

Project 2017-04 Scattered Sites Roof Replacements, Gutters-Fascia

Project 2016-39 12 Pines Water Service Replacement

Project 2016-28 Pacific Square Rot Repair

Project 2016-19 Scattered Site Renovations: 13718 9th Avenue West

Project 2016-09 Meadows I & II Water Damage Repairs

Project 2016-06 Timber Hill Unit B-2 Fire Damage Repairs

Project 2016-03 Baker Heights Unit 1233 Fir Street Vandalism Repairs