Procurement and Contracts Management Seminar                             Agenda and Registration, please click this link.

Sponsored by the Everett Housing Authority

Everett, Washington - Wednesday-Friday, March 13-15, 2019

Procurement and Contract Management Training provided by Michael S. Gifford, C.P.M., CPSD, Housing Agency Procurement Assistance (HAPA):  Gifford is very knowledgeable (and nationally known) in HUD and Housing Authority procurement regulations and replies to a number of procurement-related inquiries regularly from both HUD and Housing Agency staff and consultants.  Gifford has also been training professionals in procurement and contract management for many years and brings a wealth of knowledge and practical applications to the table.

This Procurement and Contract Management training is a must for Purchasing and Finance staff, Management staff and Property Managers! You will learn how to procure quality goods and services for the right cost, the highest quality, for timely delivery, and in compliance with applicable laws and policies. The training covers the estimating costs of goods and services and developing criteria for analysis of proposals.  You will also learn how to comply with the newest federal procurement requirements and regulations; how to use the proper procurement method and contract type; how to analyze costs to ensure that your agency gets the highest value for its contract dollar and how to assess and control the procurement performance operation and professional ethics of procurement.




Doing Business

The primary purpose of this section is to provide interested contractors and other parties with a general introduction on how to conduct business with this agency and to provide information on upcoming Procurements and Contracting initiatives, such as Requests for Proposals (RFPs), and sealed bids.

It is the goal of the Everett Housing Authority to ensure that our end users obtain the appropriate quality goods and services they require to successfully accomplish their respective missions, goals, and objectives in a timely manner at the most economical cost to the agency in compliance with all applicable regulations and ethical standards.

To accomplish our mission of providing quality affordable housing, it is of utmost importance that Everett Housing Authority work with vendors and contractors that can deliver the highest quality of goods and services while providing optimal value.

It is the policy and practice of the Everett Housing Authority to offer qualified vendors the maximum opportunity to participate in contracting opportunities with EHA. The result of our effort is the procurement of quality goods and services in a fair, open, competitive, and respectful process for everyone involved.