Making Things Work (MTW)

Making Things Work (MTW)

Making Things Work

In 2021, Everett Housing Authority (EHA) joined a select group of housing authorities around the country who are part of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) MTW program. While the official acronym stands for “Moving to Work,” “Making Things Work” better encompasses what we can do in this program.

MTW is a demonstration program for housing authorities. MTW agencies design and test innovative, locally developed strategies to better meet local needs. 

As a participant in the MTW demonstration, EHA can propose and implement alternatives to federal regulations that use Federal funding more efficiently, help residents find employment and become self-sufficient, and increase housing choices for low-income families. 

Each year, EHA adopts an MTW Supplement that describes our activities planned for the following year and reports on the past year. Find EHA's current approved MTW supplement here.

Tiered Rent Study

EHA was admitted to MTW as part of a group of housing authorities that are studying a tiered rent policy for non-elderly, non-disabled participants. Starting January 2023, enrollment began for EHA non-elderly, non-disabled households. Enrollment will conclude in April 2024.

Learn more about the Tiered Rent Study here.

MTW Key Documents

View all MTW key documents here.

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