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About EHA

About EHA

Everett Housing Authority is a mission-driven public agency that provides rental assistance and housing to more than 3,500 households in Everett and Snohomish County.  Adopted in September 2020, EHA's mission is:

The Everett Housing Authority creates affordable housing, fosters healthy communities where households thrive, and replaces systemic racism with equity for all.


EHA owns and manages over 2,100 units of housing serving households across the income spectrum and administers over 3,700 Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers.  EHA partners with over 1,000 landlords to provide tenant-based vouchers to families leasing on the open rental market.  EHA also partners with local non-profit agencies to provide project-based vouchers with supportive services to households who have experienced homelessness or are facing other challenges such as mental illness.

EHA’s ambitious 10-Year Strategic Plan, adopted in 2020, aims to create and preserve at least 1,500 units; transform neighborhoods into communities of opportunity where households can thrive; foster EHA as a great place to work; and create a workplace and housing programs where race and other immutable characteristics have no impact on outcomes and opportunity for staff or program participants.