MTW: Tiered Rent Study

EHA was admitted to MTW as part of a group of housing authorities that are studying a tiered rent policy for non-elderly, non-disabled participants. Starting January 2023, enrollment began for EHA non-elderly, non-disabled voucher households. Enrollment will be conducted through April 2024. Half of eligible participants will be selected to pay tiered rent, while the other half of eligible households will have their rent based on the current policy. Elderly and disabled households are excluded from the rent study.

Rent study participants in the Tiered Rent group will have their income reviewed and rent amount updated every three years instead of annually, and the rent calculation will be simplified.  Tiered rent participants will pay rent based on the range of income that their income falls within, which will be more predictable for participants.

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Key Documents

Extended Frequently Asked Questions for Rent Study Participants
Tiered Rent Schedule
Tiered Rent Study Frequently Asked Questions
Tiered Rent Study Guide
Tiered Rent Study Consent Form