Senior Staff Team

Senior Staff Team

  Ashley Lommers-Johnson, Executive Director  


Ashley Lommers-Johnson
Executive Director


Janinna Attick, Senior Policy Analyst Jason Morrow, Director of Development Jaysen Garcia, Executive Assistant and Communications Coordinator


Janinna Attick
Director of Policy & Innovation


Jason Morrow
Director of Development


Jaysen Garcia
Executive Assistant &


Communications Coordinator

John Forsyth, Deputy Executive Director Kristen Cane, Director of Asset Management Linda Manning, Director of HR and Admin Services


John Forsyth
Deputy Executive Director


Kristen Cane
Director of Asset Management

Linda Hoston
Director of HR and Admin

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Wendy Blain, Director of Finance Wendy Westby, Director of HCV Program


Director of DEI


Wendy Blain
Senior Director of Finance & Chief Financial Officer

Wendy Westby
Director of HCV Program